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  Temple Etiquette

Practicing mindfulness is a gift that benefits our community. The following simple rules will help us to keep our environment clean and peaceful.

  • We always appreciate your kind love offerings in support of our Temple.  For visitors, the suggested donation for any program you are joining is $5- $15. But no one will be turned away for lack of money.

  • We encourage you to arrive at least five minutes early. Door opens 30 minutes before each session.

  • Please do not use any scented personal products.

  • Please do not bring your cell phone into the temple, or turn off your cell phone during a session.  

  • Please take off your shoes inside the temple. If your feet are dirty, please clean them or wear clean socks.

  • Please wear clothing that is suitable for yourself and others for mediation practice (such as loose-fitting, non-revealing clothing).

  • Once you have joined a meditation service, please respect the practice of others by remaining until the end of the service.

  • Spiritual practice is discovering our calm, true nature. From this state of mind, perpetual, unconditional, indestructible happiness and freedom arise.

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