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All are Welcome!
The Won Buddhism Meditation Temple of Valley is located in North Hills, California.

We welcome all people interested in expanding opportunities for peace and happiness through meditation and mindfulness training.
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     Saturday   Meditation   (English)                                                       10:30 AM

      Sunday     Dharma & Meditation Service (English & Korean)       10:30 AM

      Thursday   Meditative Yoga                                                                   7:00 PM

  During the global outbreak of COVID-19, we have decided to temporarily suspend all gatherings at the temple.

Please note that we have made this decision only out of an abundance of caution.


  We do not know of anyone who has tested positive in our community, and we have no reason to believe that anyone is at any particular risk.

But we believe that it is important for us as a community, and for all communities, to do whatever we can to help lessen the potential for exposure.


  This is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our interconnectedness, and to mindfully take whatever small steps we can to help and support one another. Hope to see you soon.